8 Month old HDD performing way below expectations.

I bought my new PC around 8 months ago, My HDD got a 99% score on UserBenchmark.
4 months ago i got another test and it was 93% and still working good.
Recently i was looking for an upgrade for my graphics card and i noticed my HDD is performing way below expectations and average of it's type, it had a 70% score.
I have been noticed the long booting times and very slow copying/cutting a few weeks before that.
I defragged it and still it's working really slow. Boot times changed from 42s to 2-3 minutes...
Is it normal to get the HDD destroyed in 8 months or there is a specific problem?
The HDD has 360gb free space.

Also this happens when copying/cutting,The speed decreases and slowly goes up again, Is this normal? (it didn't happen when it was new)

HDD details :

PC specs :
MOT : Asus B150 Pro Gaming/Aura
CPU : Intel Core i5 6400
RAM : Adata 2133 DDR4 2x4gb
HDD : Seagate st1000dm010
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    1. Usually the boot time thing can be laid directly at Windows feet more than anything else.... things such as you have described are oft solved by a fresh install.

    2. Have you disabled Windows ability to install hardware drivers, If not, do so.

    3. Have you routinely defragged the HD ? If not, do so.

    4. Have you run Disk CleanUp ... yeah, ya know what comes next :)
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