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I just tried to oc my core 2 duo e8400 from 3.00 ghz to 3.60ghz but when i change the bus speed to 400 from 333 and set the fsb everything looks okay but when i save all and exit the BIOS it restarts a few times in a row and when its starts correctly it set the processor back to the default.

My config:

Can anyone help me?:??:
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  1. Try the BSEL tape mod 333 to 400 fsb. maybe the hardmod will stick for you.
    Some MB have the PLL chip locked to not allow overclocking. You might try moving a 1066fsb C2D to 1333 instead. E7500 has 11x Multiplier and will run 3.66GHz on 1333fsb. Tape mod 266 to 333 should work with this CPU.
  2. try increasing your multiplier instead of your bus speed,if you it a little at a time,testing in between.when you get an unstable system on test,back the multiplier off on step at a time until you get a stable you have an option to increase cpu voltage on this motherboard?if you cant play with the multiplier chances are you cant adjust voltages either.if you have to use the bus speed for oc then increase it a little at a time and test in between increases.same thing as the multiplier method.keep in mind that bus speed increases will also overclock your ram,so you may have to underclock it depending.have fun.
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