i cannot get gta 5 to verify integrity of files on my new pc

hello everyone not sure if anyone else has experienced this problem but i recently transfered my rockstars game file that contains gta v and the social club installation to my program file x86 on my new build and ran social club but yet gta will not verify my game files and just goes to install it like it was new i have tried youtube videos and old forums for solutions but no fix can someone please provide a 2017 step by step guide to assist thank you
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  1. You can't just transfer your game files... the game has to install and when it does that it add entries to registry and other locations in the PC.

    The only way this is possible is via steam, where you can move your steam liberty then reverify the game files from steam and it will relink registry entries etc...

    So... if you are not using steam. You need to reinstall the game properly.

    And hopefully you are not using a pirated version. We do not support troubleshooting for pirated software.
  2. for one its not a pirated version its from rockstargames that i downloaded the game
  3. Ok. So reinstall the game like you normally would. As I stated before, you can not just copy the game files over. (you should be able to copy saves but that is another story)
  4. so i gotta redownload it all over again wow
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    You can try doing This method. Rockstar launcher will have to redownload and register some files. But it wont be as large as a full redownload.

    Copy the GTAV_Setup_Tool from your Downloads folder to the desired computer. Run the setup tool. When it starts to download the 60gb game file, hit Pause and close the setup tool window. Now take everything in the Rockstar Games folder (In Program Files) on the first computer and copy it over to the second computer. Now do the same thing with the Rockstar Games folder in Program Files (x86). Once everything is copied over, launch GTA V again and it shouldn't have to download the huge 60gb
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