Graphics Card Not Detected

Hi there.

Have read a few others but cant solve the problem based on my personal issues.


Bought a full computer about 4 years ago. Specs below. Used it for a year, worked, put it in storage and now we are up to date.

The Gigabyte HD 7770 gpu is not being detected. I have cleaned out the case twice and still nothing. Taken out gpu and no corrosion on pins nor socket.. Going through bios and everything is correct, PCIe selected and all. Even deleted drivers and re-downloaded and uptated. Nothing.

Heres the thing, fan is spinning and power cable is good, seems to be getting power but no detection.

PCIe slot dead or card?

Computer boots when hooked up the MB via RGB. Integrated graphics takes over (nividia 630a) and i cant figure this out. Using hdmi, blank screen with no detection.

N68-VS3 FX Motherboard
FX 4100 Cpu
Gigabyte Hd 7770 Gpu
8 Gb DDR3
2000 Gb Seagate Barracuda HD
Hooked up to a random LG TV

Thoughts or ideas?
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    Update your BIOS. If it is updated, remove your GPU, hook the monitor to your Integrated Graphics Card, go to Device Manager, click on Display Adapters, and disable whatever in there. Shut down/restart your PC, hook your GPU, power it back on, see what happens.
  2. This gave me huge headache.


    Ended up being the above and also a poor connection to the pcie slot due to incorrect installation, using the scew on the other bracket held it in place. Cheers
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