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Hello, I purchased an MSI ge72 Apache pro about 2 years ago, it's been a solid workhorse and I love it to be honest, but I have a feeling the hard drive is going bad, I was wondering if I could get it replaced and how much that would cost. Sadly I do not have the budget for a new computer otherwise I'd just do that. Thank you for your help in advance
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    A shop should charge an hours labor and the price of the drive to replace the drive. They may try to get you for another hour cloning the drive, but both can be done in an hour.
    you will have to remove the bottom of the computer to access the drive.
    I found this video of replacing the drive. not in english.
  2. I would test the drive first to see how healthy it is - - pointless spending money on a new one before you even know if there's anything wrong with this one - - you "have a feeling it's going bad" isn't the best way to make spending decisions.
  3. Hi

    Some laptops such as Dells have hard disk diagnostics built into the Bios or diagnostics partition

    Most PC's & laptops have a option to report SMART status of hard disks at startup (this is often turned off by default.)

    Once turned on if the hard disk is bad then you get a warning message and pause at BIOS/UEFI screen

    To get a collection of Hard disk diagnostics programs look at HIRENS CD (iso image to be burned to CD or DVD or USB),0301-51033.html

    Mike Barnes
  4. thank you all, i will test the health of the drive. If it is going bad where should I take it?
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