is the LG DVD-Writer GP57EB40 compatible with windows 10

I have just build my new gaming pc and I want to install Call of Duty; Infinite Warfare (pls no hate, I know its a bad game but it is the only COD game I have and I pre-ordered it before everyone said it was bad) by using the cds but I dont have a dvd writer and I also dont have a slot for it on my case.So I am going to buy an external dvd writer but the site I am going to order it at said it is only compatible with windows 7.I know the site said windows 7 but to be sure I am going to ask you to cause it happened before that the site gave me incorrect info.The name of the dvd writer is the LG DVD-Writer GP57EB40
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    it should work fine

    i have an ancient lg external here and it still works fine on windows 10

    even though its probably 8 years old now

    i keep it just in case as got no internal dvd drives
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