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Wasn't sure where to post this? So I apologise if this is the wrong place!?

I have now gotten my GTX 1080 to a good level in terms of Overclocking but when playing the old blood, Afterburner doesn't show the boost clock as high a boost as it does in pretty any other game I have!?

Does anyone else know of this happening?

My core clock is set on a curve to 2011 and memory clock is at 490 and it's fine in terms of stability in both benchmarks and games and although the old blood runs fine, the boost clock only goes as high as 1683mhz which as far as aware is stock!?

Many thanks!
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  1. Doesn't this game cap fps? Your 1080 may not be working hard enough to need a high boost. What fps are you getting?
  2. Are you using vsync? What is gpu usage? If GPU usage is not at 100% it likely wont boost up to its maximum boost clock or will only do so in bursts.
  3. I am getting a constant fps of 60 regardless of what's going on on screen!?

    I'll check later and see in regards to utilisation, just how much is being asked of the GPU? As I never thought that it might be because not enough is being asked of the card itself?

    Many thanks to you both!
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