Old gigabyte mobo amd gtx1050ti

I have an gigabyte ga p75 d3 motherboard and running gtx 550ti gpu, i wanna upgrade to gtx 1050ti, will i run into compatability issues here?
Pc specs
Mobo. ga p75 d3
Gpu gtx 550ti
Cpu. intel I5 3470
Thanks in advance
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    Nope, will work just fine. Any motherboard with a PCI-E slot(which is like all of them nowadays) will support any GPU on the market. What you need to worry more about is whether your PSU can handle the new card(since the 1050Ti doesn't need a separate power connector, it'll probably run fine) and whether your CPU will bottleneck the card or not. An i5 should run games just fine with a 1050 Ti.
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