Help Overclocking Ryzen 1600!

I'm currently trying to overclock my Ryzen 1600 on my Strix B350 with FlareX 3200 . Memory is currently running at 3200 and no I'm trying to get my CPU to 3.8 .... But I only see offset mode and don't know how to work it . Any ideas ? Is the offset mode just adding voltage?
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  1. Offset is adding voltage. thats why theres a v at the end, for volts. As far as I know, only x370 can overclock with costum volts, b30 only has offset
  2. Yes but how much do I add . So the base is 1.237 and I'm adding .10000? This should be 1.337 right ?
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    Exactly. When your current OC becomes unstable, you up the voltage a bit (one offset at a time) untill it is stable again. Also monitor your temps. When they get too hot, lower your frequencies or volts. Up to 1.55 volts for an oc that will last the majority of the chips normal lifetime, up to 1.45 for maximum lifetime of CPU (if you hardly upgrade), above 1.55 volts is a three year lifespan and very cooling sensitive.
  4. Thank you so much ! I'm running 3.8ghz at 1.369 volts . Thanks again
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