GPU Reaching high temps at both Idle and Load ?!

Hello everyone.

I've started to monitor my GPU temps lately, as I've decided to OC it to somewhere around 1450/3800 and I noticed my temps are quite high, idle is 53-58°C (fans always at 0%) load is 83°C (fans around 83%).

I thought it was all from the dust that build up in my case, so I decided to clean it. After a thorough cleaning and making sure there is very little/no dust inside the case, especially around the GPU I decided to test the temps again.
It seems nothing has changed, temps are still somewhere around 50-53°C (fans still at 0%) at idle after a bit when PC started then slowly rising to 58°C , and load is 82°C (fans still at 83%).

Does anyone have any idea what's causing this ?

Here is my system:

CPU: i5 2500K @ 4.5 GHz

GPU: MSI GTX 980Ti Gaming 6G

Motherboard: AsRock Z77 Extreme4

RAM: Patriot G2 8GB (2x4GB) 1600MHz

PSU: SuperFlower Leadex Gold 650W

Case: Fractal Design Define R5

Monitor: Asus MG279Q (2560x1440, 144hz)

The clocks of the GPU are at:
135/405 when idle 1350/3500 when gaming (GPU boosts itself)

There is 1 intake fan and 1 exhaust fan in my case. I unfortunately don't know my room temps since I don't have a thermometer, and the outside is 35°C some the room gets heated up a little.
Some folk also have said that having a 144hz monitor increases the GPU temps since it renders more frames , is there any truth to this ?

All of this was tested in a slightly cool room, on Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor on everything maxed out (with HD Content installed) @ 1440p for around 5-10 minutes.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to reduce temps ?
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  1. Have your cleaned the dust from the filter of the intake fan?
    53-58 is normal during light loads considering you have only 1 intake fan. 82 C is not dangerous hight temperature, especially in summer.
    If the card is not in warranty and you're comfortable with disassembling it, you can try changing the thermal paste.

    But still, 82C is nothing to worry about.
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  2. Thanks for the reply Ice.

    I did clean everything from all the fans both GPU fans and case fans, I'm worried about these temps as I want to OC the gpu to around 1450/3800 and judging by the reviews these temps seem high.

    Is it possible for the to be this high because I'm gaming at 1440p 144hz ?
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  3. Yes and no. If you have some kind of frame rate limiter turned on lets say at 144fps, and the gpu can output 200 at 1080p and 140 at 1440p. In this case the gpu wont push at max to give you the 144fps in 1080p, but it will at 1440p.

    You can include one more intake fan (on side panel or in front if possible) and change gpu thermal paste.
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  4. After setting the power limit to the max in MSI Afterburner the highest I got with it was 86C, and it usually stays in 85C. Damn I'm not sure what's wrong :(
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