Intel DZ77SL50K Dying

I have an Intel DZ77SL50K and it is the worst board I have ever owned. No driver support for Windows 10 and awful instability.

Occasionally upon booting, I will receive the beep code telling my my GPU isn't installed properly, (which it is) forcing me to reboot. Games will often crash my computer entirely to a black screen and force me to reboot. From the reviews I read, this board doesn't work well with a PCIe graphics cards. My BIOS are up-to-date, so that isn't an issue.

Is it worth troubleshooting, or should I just try and buy a new board? Thanks.
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  1. Why should Intel support Windows 10 on that motherboard? If it's unstable with a quality PSU, then replacing it may be the best solution.
  2. 1. all updates according to the web site : as for windows 7 or 8, so there are no windows specific drivers (in some cases a windows 8 can be used)

    2. this is a Z77 chipset motherboard, so designed years before windows 10. did you upgrade from wins 7 or 8 to windows 10 ? or was this a clean install of windows 10 ? I ask because I have seen a numerous report of s windows 7 to win 10 system going crazy after a while, because windows does a poor job of replacing some motherboard drivers and other files from win 7.

    3. getting a warning from Bios that your cpu is not properly installed is a clue to something else not windows related at all. what cpu are you using with your Intel DZ77SL50K ?

    upgrading will mean cpu, motherboard and ram, unless you mean replacing your current motherboard with another and hope it was the issue.
    troubleshooting at the very least will provide you with a definite finger pointing at the problem (ie don't need to replace a tire if you cannot brake)
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