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I have a dell XPS 8910 case and I want to upgrade from the GTX 750 ti but the case is pretty small so I want to know what graphics cards will fit in it
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  1. If you have the name of the case, a quick google search should tell you the maximum length of the gpu.

    You should be able to find the case name in any paperwork that you got with the PC. I couldn't find it online.

    They squeeze a 1070 founder's edition into it at least with what looks like another inch to the front, so roughly 12 inches? maybe 12.25 or 12.5 at the most
  3. The 1070 founder's edition has
    A length of 266,7mm, 10,5 inches (11,5 if you include the extra one)
    A width of 111,2mm, 4,3 inches
    A heigth of 38,1mm, 1,5 inches

    It will take 2 slots.

    If you order a GPU that wouldn't fit I'm assuming that you're able to return it within a week or so? I don't know about other countries, but here in The Netherlands you have two weeks to return something for whatever reason. This can be different per store however.

    Good luck!
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    Specs show this one at 11.25 inches for the card from which I was getting the 12.25 inches.

    To know for sure the simplest thing is the OP getting a tape measure and checking his case, unplugged of course.

    Probably need to stick to the blower designs as some heatsinks and fans may be taller than the gpu board and interfere with the clamshell closing.
  5. I see, well since we're not entirely sure, but have a rough indication, the simplest thing would indeed be to just measure it.
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