Will this PSU be enough for my system with vega?

I want to get the RX Vega 64 which is supposed to have 295 tdp.
I have a 550 Watt power supply with 80+ gold rating.
I tried to calculate the wattage with a similar demanding card the GTX 690 which has a tdp of 300 with the outervision power supply calculator:
Load Wattage: 479 W
Recommended UPS rating: 1100 VA
Recommended PSU Wattage: 529 W

I want to know this before the actual reviews because i might miss those cards to the miners if i wait too long.

From what i know those calculators even give some breathing room, so i should be fine right?
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  1. 550w will be good.
  2. Hard to say since w ehave no overclocking data on the vegas ... typically, since AMDs 2xx series, OCs are limited to single digits so let's assume 10% on OC

    Say 325 watts got GPU
    130 watts for OCd CPU
    35 for MoBo
    40 for everything else

    Thats 530 ... typically you'd want 1.25 to 1.50 times that,8.html

    Here is Guru3D's power supply recommendation:

    Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti - On your average system the card requires you to have a 600~650 Watts power supply unit.
    Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti SLI - On your average system the card requires you to have a 800~950 Watts power supply unit.

    If you are going to overclock your GPU or processor, then we do recommend you purchase something with some more stamina.

    That card is listed as drawing 282 in the test, less than your 295 TDP. On top of that ... the 295 is for the reference card ... and most folks won't go near those; the AIB cards will draw more.

    so no, Id go bigger.
  3. I want to add that I do not really care about how efficient it works im fine with it running at 90% because i just got my power supply very recently so i dont really wanna waste that money to buy a new one i would rather have worse efficiency.
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    While efficiency **might** be a consideration, I hadn't considered it. Let's assume that you don't ever exceed the rated 550 watts:

    a) Gold Rating has nothing to do with anything put efficiency
    b) I don't know that that particular model can in fact deliver the rated power
    c) The quality of the power signal diminishes the closer you get tot he rated load. Voltage stability gets worse which has a negative effect on your your PSUs ability to consistently deliver the correct power to componentry. Noise increases, again has a negative effect on your your PSUs ability to consistently deliver clean power to componentry. Both of these affect system stability, especially when overclocking.

    if you already have it, give it a shot .... at stock settings. I wouldn't push any overclocks tho. Note that the 1080 Ti has a 250 watt TDP but some cards draw well over 300 watts and MSI allows the power limited to be pushed to + 50%. But anyway, at this time, until you see what the card you buy draws, its pretty much speculation.
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