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I have a prebuilt computer and wanted to upgrade. I have a 550W psu, and I bought a used Sapphire Radeon HD 7970 Vapor X 3gb GHZ edition. I put it into my pc, started it, heard the windows noise, the card lights up and fans spin, but the monitor is not getting any signal, though it is definitely plugged into the wall and the PC. It just says DVI: No Signal when I try to get it to work. I only have one 8-pin to Molex cable, though there are to connectors, as the box was missing the other. Is it because of this or another reason?
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  1. No Signal means the monitor doesn't get a graphics signal from the graphic card.

    First: I would really thoughtfully check tat the cable connector - in both end - is really properly seated.
    Second: Repeat what I just said?
  2. try to pull out the ram and put it again in the same slots then do the same with gpu and see if its' work or try a new psu 600 if anything of this dosent work try to test the gpu in other pc
  3. You need 2x 8 pin cables for the video card to work.
  4. I'll go to Walmart tonight and see if they have another cable
  5. pantman_ said:
    I'll go to Walmart tonight and see if they have another cable

    dont buy very cheep cable because the cheep cable can burn out the gpu good luck )
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