Monitor gives "No Signal" after showing Windows logo


As the title says, everytime I turn on my computer I see the Windows 10 logo and then my monitor shows no signal. It had been working fine for about 10 days which is when I installed Windows 10 onto my PC for the first time after getting rid of Windows 7.

My sepcs :
i5-4th Gen @3.2 Ghz
MSI nVidia GeForce GTX 1050 Gaming X
Asus motherboard
500 W cooler master PSU
500 GB WD Hard Disk
8 GB HyperX Fury Ram

I'm running Windows 10 Pro.
Things that I have tried :
1) Check all the wire connections.
2) Open up the CPU and clean everything I can.
3) Try just 1 Ram at a time.
4) Tried going into device management in safe mode and disable the intel drivers, but they were not listed in the "Display Drivers" section but maybe that's because I have an Asus motherboard? I'm not sure.
5) Boot into Safe mode and use DDU to completely uninstall my existing nvidia drivers then do a clean install of the drivers.
NOTE : After using DDU and booting windows normally, I could see my monitor's display, but when I started installing my drivers, about halfway through, I had the black screen and no signal once again.
6) Went back into safe mode, used DDU again, restarted back into Safe mode and installed my drivers there. No luck.
7) Formatted and clean installed windows TWICE.

NOTE : My monitor is an Acer monitor with resolution 1440 x 900, even though I had been using it perfectly on the windows 7 with all the same specs for 2 years (except the graphic card, which is 4 months old) and it even worked fine for 10 days on Windows 10.
ALSO NOTE : I went into my bios to see if I could do something from there but the bios was too large for the monitor. I think there might be a resolution problem but I have no clue how to solve it.

I have no idea what's wrong, I had been running this rig for about 2 years (4 months for the Graphics card though), but then I decided to install Windows 10 and it worked like a charm for the first 10 days and then this happens.
My best speculation is that my graphic card is sending a resolution to my monitor that it cannot read, or something like that, i'm not too technologically aware about how graphic cards, monitors and resolutions work. I say this because like I mentioned above, my bios is looking very weird, its way too large and it isn't fitting on my screen.
If anyone knows how to resolve this, please help. I've been struggling so much with this for the past 24 hours it's driving me crazy.
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    Update your BIOS, and change your Primary Display option (in BIOS) to Auto/PCI-E.

    When you tried to disable your Integrated GPU, did you do it with your GPU installed/seated in the PCI-E slot?
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