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Hi. I bought a new PC a couple weeks ago, had a lot of problems with mobo and the store I bought it from. The problem was simple, PC would boot up, the leds would show up till they get to CPU and after that, it would stay the same, perma working (leds/fans) with no POST and 00 code. After a lot of talk with them, I got it to warranty and solved the problem. Now I got another problem. It's completelly random. The PC would freeze (cpu temps are really unstable, but on freezing, they would be around 40, turned on a function in bios that would show the temp instead of q code after POST), I could listen to music (if I would click a lot of times, even music would stop) and at some point, the mouse would go really slow and each time I would click or move mouse, I would hear a beep in headset. It started about 2 days ago, and it's completelly random, I can stay in idle and have it.

Motherboard Asus Maximus VIII Hero
CPU: I7 6700K
GPU: GTX 1080
RAM: 16GB Patriot Viper 4 Series DDR4 2400MHZ
Case: Segotep Blade Black
PSU: Thermaltake Smart M650W
HDD: oshiba P300 2TB SATA-III 7200RPM 65MB
SSD (for windows): Patriot Spark 128GB SATA-III 2.5 inch

There is also a small problem, if it helps, my CPU is very temp unstable. When I start a software or something, the temps jumps to 60-65C and drop down to 40, it's only when I start something, when it's running constantly, it's stable. Tried to run a stress test for 3 min, it went to 70C and no heat throttle. I have no idea why those freezes happens.
The CPU Cooler is an intel Thermal Solution TS15A, not a stock cooler.

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