Diskpart shows no boot partition, Windows 10 refuses to boot

Hello, everyone.

I recently used Win32 Disk Imager to make a live Kali Linux usb drive, and I believe that may have been the start of my problems. I restarted my computer with the USB drive inserted, I and it booted into Kali like a charm. I finished up, then restarted my PC and removed the drive. Now whenever I attempt to boot my PC, it takes me to the BIOS. I have tried booting directly into my HDD with Windows 10 via the BIOS, and it goes black with a white line blinking at the top left, then takes me back to the BIOS. Sometimes it will just hang unresponsively on the BIOS splash logo when powering on. I was able to boot into Kali just fine, so I'm sure it's nothing with the main hardware of the PC. I wiped the USB drive on another laptop, then installed the Windows 10 media kit on it. Through the Windows 10 USB, I opened Diskpart in the command prompt to check my hard drives. Through that method, I found that my PC no longer has a set boot volume for some reason. When I use the command "list vol" when my main hard drive is selected, it shows under info that I have no boot drive. I tested this on my other Windows 10 laptop, and surely enough, the first volume on the list is set as the boot drive. How would I go about fixing this issue? I've been working on it for more than a day now, and I can't figure out a solution no matter how hard I search. Any tips or help would be much appreciated.

Thank you!
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