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I have had my pc (i7 4790k gtx 970) for a couple of months now and recently i am noticing that my cpu has high idle temps (40-50). it was not like this before (more like low 30s). in cpuz it tells me that my cpu is running at 4.4 ghz (even though the voltage is still low). under load and in games, my usage and temperature are normal like they used to be 50s and 60s. after my cpu is at a high idle temp for a while it randomly drops back to low 30s and stays like that, with my clock speed staying lower. again, everything at load is fine but idle is worrying me. i have set power settings to balanced (5%-100%) and i dont know what to do. i am using hyper 212 evo, no overclock. Thanks!
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  1. Only way it would run constant 4.4 GHZ is for someone to have entered manual mode /44x multiplier, or let the CPU auto overclock as is quite common.

    But for sure, the mb BIOS is no longer running defaults.
  2. Where in the bios would I find that option? Also like I said it tends to idle at 4.4 for a while then comes down to normal low clocks
  3. When nothing is happening, it does down clock to 1 GHz or so? Then it isn't locked at 4.4 GHz...
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    Mine runs at 4.4 Ghz because I want it to. Sounds like you may have changed settings in the BIOS that's forcing it to run in turbo all the time. Just reset the BIOS (choose "Load Optimized Defaults" or whatever and once it boots make sure you don't have "High Performance" chosen in the power options (right click on the Windows icon in the bottom left corner and choose "power options". Choose "Balanced" from there. It should drop back down to 4.0 Ghz after that.
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