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I'm looking into my 1st build for my son and one thing I was wondering about is that at some point in the future he may end up with a second monitor one for general stuff like gameing and the second to run youtube / skype(group video chat ) / word and what I was wondering was how much would the second monitor affect the fps on a game.
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  1. Unless he runs the game over both monitors, the FPS will not be affected
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    You can hook the 2nd monitor up to the IGP on the MoBo and leave the game on the GFX card in which case the impact would be very hard to even notice. Of course what you run off that wouldn't likely be very GFX or CPU intensive .... no video editing for example.
  3. but video chat (skype ) and youtube would ok ???????
    so an amd ryzen cpu based mobo would be ok
  4. It would be fine.
  5. excellent.
    thank you for the help
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