Help me troubleshoot a dead GC, test your knowledge.

So to start i recently upgraded from gtx560ti to 1060. Upon initial installation all was swell. I changed my cpu heatsink and moved my computer across the room. I finish and the computer will not display through GC, only onboard. I tried disabling onboard, changing priority, it just did not detect the GC when i went to install drivers or us hwmonitor etc. The 560ti works perfectly still at this point. I had an old unreccomended thermal take psu at 850w so I went to the store bought a new evga 850w psu plugged it in and shazam it works and has been working until last night. I received my new cooler master case and cryorig h7 and after installing everything in the new case, same symptoms as before. The 560ti plugs in and works fine and the 1060 fan spins for 5 seconds or so the stops and no display is ever given. motherboard has a messed up pci-e slot with all pins exposed so its not used obviously, and while i don't believe any are shorted it has been like this and worked like this before(i use the pci slots below). mobo: GA-Z77X-UD5H. windows 10, tried with all different rams, cpu is cool in hwinfo.
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