i7 7700k Are these normal Idle temperatures?

Just built this PC and wanted to make sure the temps/cooling was okay.

Full build:

Here are the temperatures:

If this is not okay, what do I need to do to remedy the situation?
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    Do you have the cores locked at 4.4 GHZ? If so, more than acceptable. In normal mode, it will sit at .8 - 1.0 GHz at idle, about 32c, and only ramp up to 4.2 GHz base/ 1 core at 4.5 GHz for typical 60c gaming load...
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  2. mdd1963 said:
    Do you have the cores locked at 4.4 GHZ?

    Well actually that explains everything, I didn't even notice that. I assumed I was running 4.2GHz but apparently it is set to 4.4GHz on its own.
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  3. Many main boards have utilities within the BIOS ( OC Genie, etc..) to automatically test at a few classic OC settings, which might bump up core voltage a notch as well
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  4. However , at 'normal Windows idle' , where the CPU is running at .8-1 GHz, I'd expect 33c or so.
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