Help choosing pc case and cooling

Hello again Toms community, im here to ask for advice and suggestions as of what pc case and liquid cooling to choose for my computer.

My current system is this.

cpu: Ryzen 5 1600 (oced to 3.8ghz)
cpu cooler: stock
mobo: Asus Strix B-350 Gaming
ddr4: HyperX fury 8gb 2400mhz
vga: msi gtx 1060 6gb gaming x
psu: 700w thermaltake tr2 plus
case: thermaltake overseer white edition.

So my current case is 4 years old and not only i got bored of it, i would like a newly one with better dust protection and better functionality cuz that overseer has some very huge fans on top and rear that i can no longer find anywhere to buy, in general this case is out of date.

For Liquid cooling i have read that Arctic liquid cooler 120 and 240 ones have the best reviews all around the globe with almost zero negative reviews and almost not issues from consumers.

Arctic liquid cooler 120 and 240 have huge difference in temps? they cost cheap and they have a difference of 10-20 euros in my country with the 120 being the cheapest.
These Liquid coolers does support AM4 brackets? or i have to order them from the manufacter?
Anyone knows?

I would like a case with big transparent window on the side so the hardware will be very visible and i want dust protection on the fan spots if possible, another thing i like but not mandatory is that i want it to be able to use my vga on the rear, not on the motherboard, is something new to me and i would like to have a view of my vga like never before :). still not mandatory.

i can buy from amazon uk and this greek shop engine

Thanks in advance im waiting for your advices and opinions as it matters a lot to me.
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  1. The AC coolers do better than almost all CLCs .... But that being said, it is still a CLC and every CLC suffers from these common faults.

    -Inefficient aluminum radiator
    -With aluminum rad and copper block they create a galvanic corrosion cell
    -No ability to augment / replace corrosion inhibitors after useful life expired (18-24 months)
    -Weak 0.11 pump ... less then 1.0 not recommended
    -To make up for inefficient aluminum rad, must use extreme speed fans to compete w/ air coolers.

    Here the Noctua NH-D15 tops the H100i, Kraken and even the Thermaltake 2 x 120mm CLC watch this (23:00)

    NH-D15 - 70C @ 33 dbA
    H100i - 73C @ 68 dbA (12 times as loud and still 3C hotter)
    Kraken X61 - 69C @ 56 dbA (2.5 times as loud to get a 1C lead)

    If you put them all < 40 dbA ...(23:40)

    NH-D15 - 70C @ 33 dbA
    H100i - 76C @ 35 dbA (1.5 times as loud and still 6C hotter)
    Kraken X61 - 71C @ 40 dbA (1.6 times as loud and still 1C hotter)

    And of course the d15 is much cheaper. But if you have ya hear set on water, what you see in these graphs is that the Swiftech , with none of the CLC deficiencies listed above, crushes every CLC in the test. So why pay say $165 for the Kraken X62 when the Swiftech which is simply a set of custom loop components pre-assembled at the factory into an AIO, beats every other CLC every way from Sunday and is $15 cheaper than the X62. And unlike every CLC, the pump on the Swiftech can handle more blocks and more rads and it is simple thing to add a water blocl on your GPU or purchase a GFX card w/ a pre-installed EB (i.e. MS Seahawk EK) and have the equivalent of a custom loop system

    As for the case, tho some cases modeled after these are getting close, Phanteks has taken the Case of the Year Award home from Computex every year since 2013. Their cases are all about water cooling. What's ya budget. The Phantels Ovolv Tempered Glass is oft stated as being worthy of inclusion in an art museum as well as being one f the most lauded cases from a features and performance standpoint.
  2. Thanks for the reply, i never used AIO liquid before, my best air cooler was a noctua NH-D14 on an FX-8350 and was working like a charm but sold it cuz i upgraded to new build , the one i stated above.

    NH-D15 performs better than the D14? my budget is around 250 euro max i guess. a bit or a bit higher is fine. but i paid around 800euros for my system i dont feel like throwing more and more, ill sell my old case for 40-50 euros that will cover up a bit. but its important for me to have big window on side and dust protection if possible also good cable management cuz i dont have modular psu.
  3. But to be honest i was really happy with the noctua nh-d14, pretty amazing temps for a grill cpu like fx-8350. ill watch the video tomorrow cuz its 2 after midnight in greece and im sleepy :S..

    Hope i can find a good looking stylish case that will be functional with good air flow within budget.
  4. I am not going to get swiftech by any means, all of the customers had issues with leaking, you directed me to amazon and 90% of the customer reviews are negative when ARCTIC Liquid cooling has only 1 negative out of 50+ possitive lol.............
  5. Well we all know what expert users Amazon purchasers are ... I'd suggest using ones written by knowledgeable testers using lab grade equipment.

    There was an issue with the initial units (3 + years ago) .... all of which were replaced by swiftech under warranty. Unlike CLCs which you can't bleed, the Swiftech bleed screw in acylic reservoirs was being over tightened by users and cracked the reservoir. All users had those replaced by the corrected model which has never had a leak. On the other hand... this is what happens when you mix aluminum and Copper in any water loop ... from above link.... if thats what you want happening in your cooler, by all means get a CLC

    If you still distrust the Swiftech ... Id get the D15

    We've installed dozens of them ... never an issue. .. even the original ones ... of course we didn't over tighten the bleed screws ... which should give you a sense of the skill level of those who did.

    This effect can be retarded by corrosion inhibitors but all inhibitors have a effective life of 6 - 24 months at which time they must be replaced or augmented ... CLC are "closed' which gives you no means to do that. As a result this **will ** happen. It wouldn't be so bad if they used copper / brass rads but by cheaping out with the aluminum, corrosion is far more significant.
  6. I think i will settle with noctua air cooling. Better safe than sorry.

    Any advices for case? Thnx in advance.
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