Dont know where to plug in case fan and LEDs

Hello! I recently purchased a new mobo and have everything set up except for my case LEDs, power button, and fan. On my old motherboard they were hooked up to what was called "panel" and was 6 pins. On my current mobo (msi z97 pc mate) there are similar pins that are labeled as "JCOM1" "JTPM1" "JUSB2" JFP2" and JFP1". How do I plug these in? Any help is greatly appreciated!
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  1. Open your case manual and your MoBo manual side by side ... these will explain ... hopefully w/ pics... however

    JCOM1 sounds like a legacy com port
    JTPM1 likely Trusted Platform Module
    JUSB2 USB header
    JFP sounds like front panel power switch

    See page 2-11
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  2. Didn't think to use my manuel... haha but I found the diagram, thank you!
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