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i have a X99 Deluxe motherboard i am looking to upgrade the cpu i have, but am unsure as to which i can get, im looking for i7 max price £500-600 maybe more if you think its worth it.
I have a XFX 750 pro PSU which will be running a GTX 1080 Ti, not sure if this will effect how powerful the CPU can be, or if i need a new PSU altogether.

Currently have a i7 5820k
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  1. And what cpu do you have now?
  2. helpful to know your current cpu?
  3. updated post, i7 5820k
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    if you're primarily gaming, then you've got as good as its going to get with that platform. I'd advise to only upgrade if the purpose is going to utilize an extra 2 or 4 cores.
  5. 6800/6850 are now semi - reasonable on pricing....; both OC well..
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