M4A89GTD PRO/USB3 MB + Rx 560 GPU = ?

So i bought the Asus RX560 as an upgrade to my old HD 5770. When the card arrived, i find that it's one that has no need for my brand new Corsair PSU! It draws it's power from my 'old as rock' MB. I feel like a dummy now and wonder if i should try and get Newegg to take it back or should i just make the best of it till a future MB upgrade.

I talked to Asus and was told that this MB does have enough power to run the 75 watt GPU but that it will not run as well as it could....what does that mean you think? Should i just run it as is for now or what? thanks
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  1. You can't have too much power. If your system isn't using the full capabilities of the PSU, you're just not stressing it as much. Think of it as driving a Corvette on the highway at 65 MPH - it's just kind of idling along.

    Asus was probably saying it won't run as well as it could in a state of the art mobo/cpu/ram setup. But you knew that.

    Run it as it is for now and keep the PSU for when you upgrade your mobo/cpu/ram. They'll all need to be upgraded at the same time so you won't have the expense of a new PSU at the same time also.
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  2. That makes me feel a bit better :) as an added measure, i'd thought to buy a $30 cooler and then overclock my black edition phenom. I also thought to buy an ssd for windows and a game or two; all of which i can also move to a new mb/cpu/ram in the future. Good idea?
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  3. I don't think that mobo's BIOS will support booting from an SSD. So it would be better to wait until you upgrade mobo/cpu/ram to get the SSD. At best the SSD would only RUN on a 6Gb/s SATA port. You will have to do a new install on the SSD when you go to a new mobo so that's another reason to wait.
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  4. wow; i see your point about this board not booting windows from the ssd; plus, i screwed the pooch buying that gpu that's powered by the motherboard. I did just come into a bit of cash, so now i'm back to my original thought of buying an am4 board and a rysen 5; do the am4 boards come with plenty of watts at the pcie slots to power gpus like my rx560? I don't want to be worrying about burning up my mb. Know of any combo deals?
    thanks for the help!
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