FPS Drop most of games


I have a problem with my cpu and I don't know how to solve this.
Most of games I have fps drops, like CSGO, CrossFire.

My Specs:

AMD FX-8320E Eight-Core Processor 3.20GHz
Asrock n68-s3 fx
GTX 750ti 2GB
Windows 10 64bit

I already tried to solve this, like:

I desactive Cool n' Quiet
Format to win 7 (I came back to windows 10)
Active and desactive game mode (win 10 option)
Change something in reg config,
Started the game as admin
Starded the game with another windows compatibility
Clean my CPU

And nothing solve this... :(
Can someone help me?
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    that cpu is shit, just cry :D, okno well that cpu is very very very bad, even the actual 79$ pentium g4560 beat it by 25% so it shoud be bottlenecking in that specific games ( CPU HIGH INTENSIVE ; CROSSFIRE BAD OPTIMIZED)
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