USB ports stopped working shortly after motherboard upgrade

Shortly after I upgraded my CPU, MB, and RAM ( ----
AMD A10-5800k --> Intel i5 7600k
MSI A785-E3M --> AsRock Z270m Pro4
Crucial Ballistix 8gb DDR3 --> G.Skill Ripjaws V Series 8gb DDR4

--- ) The mouse and keyboard worked perfectly fine in the BIOS, however not in windows (Also, I kept the same HDD from my previous build so the OS stayed the same as well - Win 7 Pro x64). After a while of plugging and unplugging and testing different solutions nothing worked so I concluded it was a driver error. I then download Win 10 ISO on a Flash Drive on a different computer to start a fresh installation, however now my mouse and keyboard, nor Flash Drive do not work in the BIOS either. I noticed with both rear and front USB, the light of the mouse flickers after being plugged in, but it does not stay lit up, same with the flash drive. Could I have broken my USB ports within the first day of use? Help would greatly be appreciated
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    Try resetting BIOS to factory settings. If you say they do not work in bios, how did you get into bios?
  2. Sorry For a wasted thread, but all I had to do was take the cmos battery for a minute or two and put it back in and the USBs started working again. And to answer your question, They Were working in the bios for about a day but stopped working for some reason. Either way, I was figured it out and was able to finally install windows after a bunch of different problems and I'm a pretty happy man right now.
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