should i buy old generation cpu and mobo?

I'm thinking about upgrading my fx 6300 and 970 gaming mobo combo. At first i was thinking of getting ryzen 3 1200 but I have a local computer store that sells $35 refurbished complete computers with i5's and i3's. Obviously they're older generation so what are the cons? (Like older usb versions or older PCIe and sata)
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  1. depends on the I5 generation your looking at , I would suggest you look for an I7 if you can get one.
    but an I5-4xxx series is quite capable of handling modern games.
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    If it an upper end I5 then sure. But even though the FX6300 is old, it will still play most current games on lower quality, so you aren't in an immediate need to upgrade. But if they are just 35.00, then it would probably be worth doing. Comparisons I have seen shows the I5-3570 to work better than the 6300, so if it is a 3570 or better, then it is definitely worth 35.00
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