Which cheap motherboard should I get for my A10 7890K?

I am planning to buy an AMD A10 7890K APU, I just don't know which motherboard should I get. I'm looking for a cheap Microsoft ATX board that allows me to overclock the GPU, CPU and RAM. An ATX board is also fine. I am planning to temporarily use, the APU's integrated graphics, and later add in a GTX 1050 Ti. If add the 1050 Ti will i need to uninstall the driver for APU's integrated graphics?
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  1. Don't buy an A10 CPU. Wait until the Ryzen APUs come out. That will give you a motherboard with an upgrade path. An A10 motherboard (FM2+) is a dead end. You are wasting money.
  2. kanewolf you are not helping at all, I have a very limited bugdet, and this is pretty much what I need.
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    here is a list of compatible boards that can run your a10 cpu

    your going to have to look for series (A68, or A88)of boards on ebay or something like it to find a cheap alternative
    be mindful of BIOS requirement for the boards to run such a cpu.
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