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i just installed an i7 7700K into my pc using a be quiet dark rock TF cooler to cool it, it still hits 60 degrees celcius idle and 75 degrees under medium load. when i was screwing in the cooler it moved a bit could it be that i messed up the thermal paste?
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    Yes, there is a problem. My 7700k runs at 35C idle and around 55-60 under load. I would redo my paste. You dont need a lot of paste, but if you put too little then it can be a bigger problem. Generally in the tests that I have seen, too much paste didnt actually make any difference but if it leaks off the CPU then it could short things out so you must be careful not to put too much on. I put half a green pea size of paste in the center and that worked for me. The cooler should feel loose and sliding around until you secure it, mind you it should not slide around a lot, you want the paste to be squashed in a circle covering the CPU. Generally too little paste or a loose fan can cause overheating. I assume your fan ramps up correctly under load.
  2. It is possible and even worth investigating if you have more thermal paste so you can clean up the old stuff and reseat the cooler. That said the i7 7700K is kind of known for bad temps do to poor TIM being used between the CPU die and heat-spreader. So bad in fact Intel themselves said the i7 7700K (their overclocking chip) should in fact not be overclocked because it can spike all the way to 90C+ during normal usage. This is also why many OCers De-lid their 7700Ks. Point being if re-applying thermal paste doesn't fix much, you know what the issue could well be ;) This isn't all users though so a re-apply may help you a lot. Some users are OCing just fine. It's a kind a chip by chip basis.
  3. If you have seated the heatsink correctly, including the thermalpaste, fan is running, etc....well...I7 7700k is quite known for it's bad TIM
    The only option is to behead he processor!
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