First time build suggestions and advice

I 7700k
Evga supernova g2 850w
Asus maximus ix hero
Corsair h100 I v2
Corsair dominator platinum 8gb x 2 ddr4 3000mhz cl16
Samsung 850 evo 500gb
Corsair 780t full tower
Asus internal 24x data optical drive
Asus strix gtx 1080 256 bit 8gb gddr5
Dell s2716dg 27 inch LED g sync

So what do you think? How well would it do for AAA titles?might have to wait on the monitor trying to keep it under $2100
Also not sure if corsair link is any good. Would Asus software do a better job?
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  1. Which is your budget ? You should fit a 1080ti in this ...
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    Looks great. It's a very well balanced 1440p gaming build. Suggestions? Hm.
    1) Skip full tower. Too big and not necessary. A midtower is more than adequate and even have great cooling.
    2) Is the DVD drive really needed? If for installing OS then buy OS online and put it on USB. No need for DVD drive.
  3. 850W is a bit overkill unless you are planning dual GPU's later, the 7700 and a 1080ti are happy with a quality 550W unit.
  4. I think I need it for the mobo drivers to get online just don't have another PC to use
  5. Just download W10 to a usb via microsoft website, then install...later you'll have to purchase copy to get full features. This way you don't waste money on a DVD drive that you'll never use after W10 installation.
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