GPU for my setup

My specs are:

Fortron FSP350-60HHN(85) ATX 350W
Intel Pentium G4400 3M Cache, 3.30 GHz
8GB DDR4 2133MHz Samsung

I am interested in buying used GeForce 750Ti (R9 270, GTX 960) or similar graphic card. Can my power supply handle them? There are no 6 or 8 pin connectors.
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  1. It can handle a 750 ti, gtx 950 Low Power, or gtx 1050/1050 ti.
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    GTX 1050ti is the best GPU u can get for that system, it doesn't require pin connectors (though some variant comes with a 6-pin port for more OC headroom)
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  3. Thank you both :)
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