GTX 750 Not working on MSI 970 Motherboard, but works on my old one

Hello everyone, I'll get straight to the issue.

My GPU does not work (No display detected) on my MSI 970 motherboard. The lights come on all the fans spin up. It worked before but I came home from a holiday and now it's not working at all. It works on my old motherboard ( a mini gtx ) but for some reason it stopped working all together on my MSI 970 motherboard.

My pc was banged about a little bit by accident while I was gone. I came back and the USB wires were hanging out! could it be damage to the entire MoBo?

Could it be a bad slot? The GPU is fine, the vga cable is fine so it has to be the motherboard right? Thank you for any help
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    Sounds like board is gone bad, I am presuming you have tried resetting BIOS to defaults either by jumper or removing board battery.
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