Correct steps to clean wipe SSD?

I'm building my new rig soon and I already bought Win 10 OEM and a new 250gb SSD...i sold my old pc part except for my 480gb ssd which contains a cracked version Win 7 that i've been using for a while now.

So,i'm planning to clean wipe my old ssd and turn it into storage,what are the correct and proper steps to do this?

Thank you.
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    1. First step is to Backup the data of old 480gb SSD if you are going to format it.
    2. Next install windows on your new SSD.
    3. Once you have installed Windows on your new SSD and if you are making your Old SSD as your secondary drive, connect it internally through sata or as an external drive using caddy(optional) and then you can format the secondary SSD using Disk management.

    That's all.

    Good Luck.:) Peace.
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