Gtx 980 too 1070

Hi guys

Quick picking of brains, currently have an MSI gaming 4Gb 980 on a 1440p system.

Its good but not ideal on that resolution so was think of upgrading to a gtx 1070.
Is that considered a too small movement or good.
Also is there a recommended one specially for someone who wants to avoid overclocking through fear of bricking something that is my main source of gaming & entertainment.

Rest of the system is good, 16g ram high i7, 800watts, win 10, ssd's. 4sli asus mb.
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  1. Not really worth an upgrade. A 1080 would be a more reasonable upgrade, but your current GPU is still good. It's only 1 tier down from a 1070 on the GPU hierarchy (,4388.html). It's recommended to go up at least 3 tiers to see magical performance gains.

    Probably not worth the price to go up.

    EDIT: It will be better for sure, but if it's a question of worth your money, then probably not.
  2. Close to 50% increase in performance so not bad
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    Quite a decent jump as the 1070 is more 980ti levels at stock and outperforms it fairly frequently. It's a good jump if you can get some cash selling the 980.

    There are some good deals on 1080s now. My 1070 popped so for an extra 75£ I got a 1080 with the refund money. Look around!
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