Why the price raises?

I get it. Consumerism is part of the economy and prices will raise and drop on a whim, but there's typically something attached to that. So, it comes across as odd to me (I like computers, not an economics expert) that the prices of GPUs have seen a pretty good increase in prices. For example, I got a GTX 1050 Ti a couple months back for around 120 USD (on sale), but it still only MSRP'd for around 130. Now? It's closer to 150 USD. Same for the 1060. It was mid 200's, now it's more like 300. Why? I can only think of a couple significant releases in the last few months- Ryzen, Vega, Nvidia's AI stuff- but I don't see how that would interfere with the GPU market on the 'lower' spectrum. Maybe I'm missing something?

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    We are in a cryptocurrency period again causing prices to rise as miners try to capitalize on Ethereum, for now.
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  2. Ethereum mining ie. bitcoin mining have forced the prices up.
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  3. Thanks or the answers! Dang cryptocurrencies.
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