More DDR3 RAM now and possible CPU bottleneck later?


currently I am having CPU AMD Phenom II 1100T, GPU MSI RX 470 Gaming X 4GB and Corsair DD3 XMS 1600Mhz 8GB RAM. I am thinking about a little upgrade for gaming and can not decide whether additional 8GB of RAM would be a good investment now or I should wait maybe till next year and buy a new motherboard, CPU and DDR4 RAM.
I want to avoid the situation that now I spend money for a new RAM but next year I will have to buy a new CPU (+motherboard and DDR4 RAM) because this one will not be strong enough for recent games. Now it is okay but I am not sure about future games.
I play several hours a week and I do not need 100% performance (that is why I have only RX 470 :D) but I like to play new games and I want my PC to be able to run them. My previous GTX 560Ti held firm till last year but CPU and RAM were good investment in 2011.

Do you guys have any ideas?

Thank you in advance.
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  1. better save up, that gen is pretty old
    saving up for ryzen is the better choice
    as for now, u can try to OC it to get better performance out of it.
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  2. That CPU is too old and slow. I doubt there would be much benefit, if any, upgrading the RAM to 16GB. I'd save the money.
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    Honestly, I would not put any more money into your system. It would be like throwing good money after bad because that RAM will be useless for you when you upgrade and it will be harder to sell on the used market because everyone is going with DDR4 now.

    The 8gb of RAM you have now is fine. It will meet the minimum requirements of just about every game, where your CPU will not. I would save that money for a new CPU/Mobo/RAM.

    You might want to consider selling your 470. The 470 has some very good prices right now and I bet you will get more for it than you paid for it. You could get a 1050ti and use the extra money left over for the CPU/Mobo/RAM
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