Dell Latitude E6430 overheats like crazy.

These are my laptop specs:

CPU: Intel Core I7-3740QM 2.7 GHz(turbo up to 3.7)
GPU: Integrated and Nvidia Quadro NVS 5200M 1GB GDDR5
RAM: 16 GB of DDR3-1600
Storage : 256 Gb SSD + 1TB HDD

I tried solving this problem for 1 month now... overheating is a big issue for me as you can see in this picture:

The temperatures rise up to 100C in 2 minutes with turbo boost off(disabled to reduce the heat output).

So far I cleaned the fans ,radiator and everything inside and reapplied thermal paste on the CPU and GPU(Arctic Silver 5).

Can you guys give me some advice?
Thank you.
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  1. I know this may sound primitive, but Are you sure that your Cooler is working? With those temperatures, your CPU doesn't have cooling at all.
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  2. At 100C the cooler is loud as hell.... so I guess it works.And the temps are read correctly I think because the keyboard melts(almost). Also even if it passes 105C it doesnt throttle or anything, it just goes. Once I reached 109C and the CPU wouldn't even bother throttling.
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    How did you re-apply thermal paste?

    I am not a fan of AS5...I've used it and found temperatures to be pretty crappy.

    A small dot on each chip will suffice - clean it off with rubbing alcohol, put a small blob on each one (DO NOT SPREAD), and put the cooler pipe back on and tighten it down. Too much thermal paste will cause horrible temperatures.
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  4. I know how to apply thermal paste ... don't worry about that
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  5. tgrt21 said:
    I know how to apply thermal paste ... don't worry about that

    See if you can pick up a heat pipe from that laptop from Ebay then. It is definitely not transferring the heat away from the machine and out the exhaust like it should since everything else is getting hot. Is it bent or kinked anywhere?

    The i7 QM machines, especially from SB/IB generations run hot, but not usually THAT hot. 180-190F is pretty typical of mine, but most of the heat goes out the vent and not into the case of the laptop.
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  6. Did you make sure nothing is blocking your exhausts? Check your voltages in the BIOS. Either that, or your cooling/CPU is not working effectively.
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  7. Finally sorted.... now my temperatures with aida64 are averaging 85-88C with turbo boost on.
    I decided to check again the thermal paste and surprize!... the thermal paste was watery and 90% off the CPU.

    So I just went to a local shop and bought some arctic mx4 and boom! problem solved.. Thank you for the help
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