Thoughts on Pascal Refresh/Volta Release Date after Vega

I've been thinking about this and have been discussing a lot with friends whether or not Nvidia has any actual reasons to release the Pascal refresh or Volta? Volta seems way off now with the dissapointing competition vega has to offer to Nvidia's high end cards so that won't happen for a while I guess. Do you guys think the Pascal refresh is imminent? If so do you guys have a timeframe in mind? I'm looking to upgrade to a 1080 Ti, but if the refresh is around the corner then I'd wait. Yet seeing as Nvidia hasn't announced anything I figured I'd just make the jump.. Or I'd be waiting for ever.. There's a lot of games coming out next month which I'd like to run smoothly so if there's no immediate release coming then I'll go for it.
Just looking for some insights or thoughts about this matter as all my friends are telling me to wait until Volta, but who knows how long that's going to be..
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  1. Nvidia said this week that they are not releasing any other gaming GPUs this year. GDDR6 will not be released by Micron until 2018, which Volta will probably be using. Given the limited competition by Vega, I highly doubt that you will see a pascal refresh before Volta.
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  2. Here is the article from Nvidia CEO discussing their GPU plan for 2017.
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