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Hi guys, I have a question I'm hoping that you can help me with.
I was wondering if i download a video from youtube onto my computer and that video gets taken down form youtube does the video i have downloaded stay as a playable type on my computer?
Thanks in advance
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  1. As long as you download the video and not just save the link, you can keep and play it. Saving the link only will lead to a video that is no longer there. Anything saved to your hard drive is yours to keep.
  2. When you download a video from Youtube it completely becomes offline data which is in noway effected by online content. Even if online content is taken down from Youtube the video on your HDD will remain.
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    If you download a video it will stay on your computer as long as you want. If you download it through YouTube Red then it will expire after you watch it. If the video is removed from YouTube then you should be able to still watch it like normal.
  4. Thanks Guys :) Perfect :)
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