Which Windows do you prefer for this PC!

CPU: Intel Celeron E3200 2.40GHz
GPU: AMD Radeon HD 6450
HDD: Maxtor SATA 500GB
OS: Windows 10 (64 bit)
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  1. since you only have 2gb of ram, i would just use 32bit windows unless you intend to buy more ram.

    32bit can use up to 4gb, any more ram and you need 64bit
  2. at this point there is little reason to put 32-bit onto a new build. 4+gb is the norm and you can't see that much with 32-bit windows.

    go for 64-bit as later on you can add more ram or possibly move it to a new system which has more than 2 gb ram.

    time for 32-bit windows to go away :)
  3. The CPU is from 2009, its not exactly a new build.

    Which version you put on depends on how much you want to spend on an 8 year old PC.
  4. i get that but here 64-bit is cheaper than 32-bit for win 10 :D,NJ8H99/

    now home vs pro price difference is a different question completely. but for virtually same cash, 64-bit is a better choice in my opinion
  5. Definitely 64Bit as you won't have to reinstall the OS if you upgrade the RAM.

    Looking at cost differences for Windows x86 and x64 discs is pointless. As you can download the 64 bit ISO from Microsoft. They use the same key.

    Although on a machine that old I would install Elementary OS. A user friendly Linux Distro with an OS X style interface. Which has a very light footprint. To maximize performance on that old hardware.

    As Microsoft allows you to run Windows 10 for free without a license. That would be the next choice. If you can live with a small watermark on the desktop and minor personalization options disabled.
  6. This is not the New Build PC. I have him from 2010, Now i have Win10 64bit but sometimes i have stuttering in watching videos in youtube, movies , gaming etc.. Which OS do better performance without stuttering (lagging)
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    With little RAM, slow processor and old GPU, no OS would help or make any difference. it's HW that's holding you back. What can make most difference is availability of drivers. W7 Home edition would probably be most appropriate. Once you have Windows license is same for 32 and 64 bit and you can switch without buying new license.
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