Your thoughts on a 980ti for £200

Like the title suggests I found someone selling an MSI 980ti 6gb card for £200, I was wondering if this was worth it, I know it preforms the 1060 and 1070 but it takes a lot more power should this be an issue? Also it might be a little louder I think and I also wanted to paint the red accents all black, this requires disassembling the card which I have no experience doing. What are your thoughts is it worth it? Should I be worried about higher bills due to the higher power consumption and noise?
Thank you
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    A 980TI actually performs just a little shy of a 1070, better than a 1060.
    A 1060 is more 980 territory (3GB variant a little worse than a 980, 6GB a bit better).

    The minimum I can find a 1070 for in the UK is 340GBP, for a 150W TDP

    A 980TI is a 250W TDP card, so 100W difference.

    100W x 24 hours x 365 / 1,000 = 876 KwH - if used 100% load, 24/7 for a year.
    The average cost of a KwH is right around 12 pence.

    So your "additional" cost of running would be roughly 105 GBP annually...... if you ran at 100% load 24/7.
    Since most peoples usage would only realistically be anywhere close to "100% load" a few hours a day at best, and add a couple more for 'averaging' out moderate use, say 6 hours a day 100% load (or 1/4 of the 100% load 24/7 cost).

    A realistic, annual cost of running increase would be more in the 25GBP .... annually!

    So yeah, a 980TI for 200GBP would totally be "worth it" IMO.
    Right at 1070 performance, with 4-5 years worth of utility bills before you even spend the 140GBP difference in price via electricity.
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  2. The 980ti performs very similarly to the 1070 and is much better than the 1060. Given the current GPU prices today, 200 is a very good deal compared to the 1070 which has similar performance. I would go for it.
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  3. Yeah £200 for a 980 ti is a good option, assuming you have a suitable PSU.
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