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I've removed the screen from my laptop because it was broken and now I'm thinking of making a case to it out of wood. I'm planning to make just a small box where i can slide it in so it still got its case and keyboard. I want to have it so i can put it in and have it like a desktop pc but that i can take it out and have a pc with keyboard and mouse in it so i can take it with me without having to take a keyboard and mouse.

Now to the real question it has got intake on the bottom and exhaust on the back and side but it has also got small holes to the harddrive and ram and all of that and im wondering if i need to cut out holes for them too? and if this hole project would work?
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  1. Many people have explored this as a possibility so, just appreciate, this would be a labour of love only.
    To make something 'worthwhile', it'll likely get expensive.... and fast.

    Could it 'work'? Absolutely; with enough time, money, design & effort.
    Is it likely to be overly viable? Honestly, probably not.

    If I'm understanding correctly, you just want a 'box' that can house a laptop? And the laptop can then be removed from it for travelling?

    The only aspects you'd need to ventilate would allign with the intake & exhausts currently on the laptop. The HDD and RAM likely don't have any fans involved, and just some holes for air to (theoretically) access them and keep them cool.

    Remember though, pulling a laptop in an enclosure is going to restrict airflow and cooling ability. Given a laptop, by it's very design, is usually running at the bare minimum needed to cool it somewhat sufficiently, restricting airflow is quite likely to cause overheating.
  2. So it would be too hot to just have it in like the smallest box that could fit the laptop?

    So I should make it a bit bigger so i can add some kind of fans that exhaust?
  3. 1. More than likely.

    2. Yes, that would be an option.

    Really though, what are you trying to achieve here?
    If I'm reading your thoughts/suggestions correctly..... you want a laptop for when you're travelling..... and the laptop to be stationary when you're at home?

    In that case, why not just dock a laptop and attached a mouse/keyboard/monitor? Why does it need the wooden enclosure?
  4. 1. Yes
    2. It would be nicer and look nicer and With it in a case i could flip it sideways if i wanted and it would take up less space than have a laptop lying on the desk.
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    Then the tradeoff is going to be in temperatures. Honestly, I doubt it would be a worthwhile endeavour, but please report back with what you find out from using it in such a way.
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