overclocked ryzen 5 1600. am i getting good temps?

i used amd master software for the oc and prime95 for the stress test. im idle at 44 c and 82 c underload. using the stock cooler. are these temps good or bad? i really dont know sorry im a pc noob. any advice would be apriciated. sorry for the bad grammar im new to typing on a keyboard.
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  1. 82c is on pretty high side but not terminal. Check your voltages because left on auto and OCed over SW can push them higher than desirable. AMD recommendation as maximums are 1.4v and 75c. You may need an aftermarket cooler to achieve anything over 3.6GHz. with decent temps.
  2. get a better cooler with some copper in the base. 80's are high for that.
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