Buying a new pc, which motherboard should i take?

I am going to build a new pc, budget is ~1000eur. I am going to use my gtx 960 and 850w psu.
For processor i will probably go for i7 7700, sdd would be samsung 960 pro m.2, hdd wd black 2TB, ram would be 16gb ddr4 (not exactly sure, but 3000mhz+), for the case im still looking.

I would like to know which motherboard is good for gaming and not expensive. In my head i have asus z270. But im not sure. Price for motherboard i am looking for is ~150-200eur.

Currently i have gigabyte's gtx 960. If i take asus's mobo, will there be any problem?
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    If you do pick the Asus z270, choose the z270-A version since it has usb 3.1 on it. Another option you might look at for saving money is getting an H270 version if your not going to be overclocking big. The H versions are usually a lot cheaper with just a few losses from Z. Try a google search for z270 vs h270 to see the specifics between the two.
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