I am going build a gaming pc and I wanna ask which ssd should I get?

Shall I get a PNY - CS1311 120GB 2.5" ssd ( or SanDisk - Z400s 128GB M.2-2280 ssd ( as a boot drive and can you use a m.2 drive as a boot and storage drive.
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    I do not use Benchmarks per say as my first priority is quality and How long can I expect it to last. Reason I do not pay much attention to performance is that in many cases you can not see a Nickels worth of difference in real life. That said I do pay attention to the 4K random read/write performance and the SanDisk is very poor. Also note the Tom's review - Basically it's a dud. See,4316.html

    I have: 3 Desktops (all with 2 SSDs) and 5 laptops with SSDs Plus 5 or 6 SSDs I use as "Cloned" OS back-up drives. My oldest SSDs dates back to Intel's 80 Gig. ALL SSDs still work, have not had a failure Yet (Knock on wood).

    Added: The PHY CS1311 Has Good reviews (Always take reviews with a grain of salt - But generally good for comparison sake) - Bottom line, Between the two I'd go for the PHY. (Note: the PHY does not have a "magician" or "Dashboard" app.
  2. So you dont believe in benchmarks and reviews.
  3. Hellfire13 said:
    So you dont believe in benchmarks and reviews.

    In a blind test, I defy anyone to identify which drive is which.
    Reviews from Amazon or Newegg? Worse than useless.

    I was looking at some different part at Amazon today.
    50 reviews. 6% of them were 1 Star.

    All three...bad shipping.
    Nothing about how the thing worked....just that the UPS driver dropped it and broke it, or the FEDEX truck broke down and it was a day late.

    With all that out of the way...
    I strongly reccomend against a 120/128GB SSD, be it SATA or NVMe.
    250GB or larger.
  4. ghostgod621 said:
    Shall I get a PNY - CS1311 120GB 2.5" ssd ( or SanDisk - Z400s 128GB M.2-2280 ssd ( as a boot drive and can you use a m.2 drive as a boot and storage drive.

    The Pny.

    Yes you can. How fast will that 120GB drive fill up? What do you use it for? You might have a little over 70GB left after the OS is installed, recovery partition is created, system restore is turned on, hibernation takes its share all the other little bits. It can be a VERY tiny drive. There isn't any way possible I could only use my 120GB SSD(ADATA Premier SP550 120GB 2.5 Inch) as my OS and storage drive. I have a little under 3TB of storage and am getting pretty close to needing another drive. That will mean replacing one of my drives..... Anyways. Just make sure your space will be adequate for your needs.

    Oh, wait.... LOL I just saw gaming. Going slow today. My latest game, Sniper Elite 4, is currently parked on 54.2GB of HDD space. A gaming PC is at a severe disadvantage with just a 120GB drive. What aren't you telling us? Just going to play PUBG or something like that?
  5. @Hellfire. Yes I do look at benchmarks. But many are based on synthetic conditions that do not relate to real world conditions. I mostly look at the 4k random read/write test using UNCOMPRESSED data. Sequential performance is of little importance for a OS/Program drive, is important on a storage drive used for large data files or working with large video files - But my movie collection is just to big for a SSD. As USAFRet stated - You would be hard pressed to tell the difference between a "Avg" SSD and a Performance SSD in real life (May see a couple of sec diff in boot time - NOT a biggy). Yes I do look for and read reviews

    @ USAFRet. On Newegg reviews. I said take with a grain of salt. That said: (1) Under 100 reviews, I look at but don't take much stock. A large Number of "Bad: are caused by the individual, and people just do not like to admit they caused the problem. However; if you have 100+ reviews of X and 100+ reviews of Y, then the same factors apply to both X and Y. Even if only 10% of defects are from Manuf If X has 2X 1&2 eggs as Y, then Y is your better choice as to reliability. It is estimated that almost 70% of electronics subsystems that are DOA (or die with in a short time frame)are a result of the USER ( A high number of that is due to ESD).

    @aquielisunari. I to recommend a 240 G SSD over a 128 Gig SSD. That Said, As strictly a OS + Program w data going to a 2nd storage device, A 128 gig drive will work for many. NOTE: Max usable space for a 120/128 gig drive is about 70->80 Gigs. You DO NOT want to fill them to 90% of space. the FIRST thing I do on a SSD boot drive is to (1) disable Hibernation (2) Set My min /max to the same value (around 2G w/8gig of Ram (I think windows sets to about 16 Gigs -and I set it to the storage drive. (3) Limit my restore points (windows can take from 4 to 8% of your drive for restore points. (4) System restore is a mixed bag, I rely on an image file of the OS drive stored on a separate drive. Most of My systems have a 200+ SSD as the OS+Program drive BUT are cloned to a 128 gig SSD that is stuck on a self.

    AW I've rambled on for to Long.
  6. Thing is, you have to always pick one. Why not pick the better one.
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