IDE Hard Disk not detected using IDE/SATA-USB Adapter


I have an old IDE HDD from my old PC from which I need to retrieve some important data. Old CPU stopped working and I decided to take it out hoping I will be able to retrieve the data using the IDE-USB adapter that i recently bought from Amazon for this purpose.
I went through several tutorials before doing this and connected the adapter to IDE HDD along with the external power that came along with the kit. However, I do NOT see anything in My Computer or Disk management. Neither do I see anything in BIOS. My current computer is running Windows 7.
I have already tried all possible Jumper settings , also tried connecting the power first and then USB, rebooting and all possible combinations. Also, I cannot hear any sound in Hard disk after connecting. I am sure USB ports are working fine.
Please help me on this as I need to get this important data that is saved in old IDE HDD.

Thanks in advance.

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    If you cannot feel the disk spin up when you connect the power, you should also hear the heads do a short 'seek' cycle to read the platters, then you either have a dead drive or a bad IDE power supply.
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