Okay, GPU MHz overclocking 2 days now... I'm not that Technical I need your Help.

I'm not completely sure if this might just be a with High-End Asus Devices or GTX Graphics Cards but I've gotten a little Worried I'm not sure if it might be a reading Error because visually everything seems to be fine no delays on loading webs, games and apps and it has been exact the same number the last 24h 3504 MHz so I am confused as to What is going on here so Please Help me.
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  1. What program are you using to record the MHz?
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  2. Danra said:
    What program are you using to record the MHz?

    ROG Game Center though it has dropped down I think it was just a Error.
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  3. I use a few different programs, however, MSI Afterburner comes very close to my best reporting program.

    You did not mention what video card you are using. Not knowing what video card you have, are you looking at the video RAM speed? It is DDR, so, equivalent speed would be 7008MHz in this case.
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  4. 3.5GHz on CPUs are mid to high end, but even the GTX 1080 Ti doesn't pass 2.5 on core speeds. Even RAM isn't that fast. It must be an error.
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  5. idanlol7856,

    I suspect he is looking at VRAM speed.
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  6. Me too. No way this is core speed because even iCX won't be able to cool 3.5 GHz on even the newest architecture. It would crash after 2 minutes of full 99% load.
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