Windows 8 Pro product KEY works for clean installation, but not activation?

Hello. I recently built a new pc and installed Windows 8 Pro, using the product key provided and it worked great for installation. But when it asks me to activate windows and use the product key... the key doesn't work? I've entered it numerous times, used Belarc Advisor for more info, copied the product key from the analysis and it still doesn't work.

I then used command prompt and typed slui 3 and then entered my product key there... before clicking "activate" it tells me that the product key is valid, but when I click "activate" I get the error code

The Software Licensing Service determined that this specified product key can only be used for upgrading, not for clean installations."

The thing I don't understand is, is that the key worked like a charm for the installation...which was a clean installation on a brand new build, but the activation doesn't work? What version of Win8 Pro do I have to buy to do a clean installation?
Or is the key valid but there is some type of error on Microsoft end?

Any help would be greatly appreciated... just want a full working version of windows on this new build of mine :(
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  1. It's telling you that key is for upgrading a previous installation of windows, best thing to do is call Microsoft and activate over the phone.
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  3. BFG-9000 said:

    Somehow.. this seemed to work! Thanks for the post and help everyone!
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