Server Dual NIC connector issue (RJ-45 does not fit in server NIC)

I have a home server that I have a couple of VMs that serve various purposes as one would expect.

I just added 2 HP dual NICS. What I have found is that they don't appear to have RJ-45 connectors. I have looked around online for similar cards and this seems to be normal.

So.. uh how do I connect cables to the card?

here is a pic
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  1. Those are SFP ports. They can be either optical or copper. You need an adapter to convert those ports. You need 4 of these --
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    It may be cheaper to buy other nic cards that have standard rj45. Most times you would buy a card like that to put in optical SFP since there are many variations based on fiber type.

    Also be very sure to read the fine print in the manuals for these cards. I have found devices that refuse to support copper SFP even though there really is no technical reason they should not work. It is also very important to get SFP that the card will accept. HP and many other vendors restrict which SFP they allow. Although a SFP from say dell should would in a HP card especially when they are manufactured by the same third party vendor but the manufactures put software restrictions to prevent you from using anything but their SFP.
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